Faces of Vulnerability

The face below represents the most common perception of a person who is vulnerable:


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Winter’s not that bad…is it?

I saw this scene today about an hour before sunset.  I initially stepped out just to capture the icicles glistening in the sunlight.  But to my surprise, I found the moon in the background.  “Pretty cool!”, I thought to myself. Continue reading

Reminiscing – The Delicate Arch

Sharing a story that I wrote after a roadtrip through Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Utah.  It was the first time I wrote in almost two years.  It truly reminded me of how much I enjoy writing!  


Last summer, my family and I went on a “Nature” themed vacation that included the Arches National Park. This park is located in Moab, Utah and is definitely one of Utah’s treasures! Continue reading

Ms Deeva – “How’s my hair?”

RECAP: The last time we met Ms. Deeva, she had just met Elmo in the “Modesty Bootcamp”.  They struck up a friendship and became support buddies for one another.  I am happy to announce that they successfully graduated from the Bootcamp and decided to move on with their lives as more grounded individuals.  On the last day of camp, they agreed that they would meet at a local restaurant in one week.

A week later…

Ms. Deeva was in her dressing room trying to get ready for her rendezvous with Elmo.  It was the first time she was there without her “Hair and Makeup” crew.  She was not sure where to begin! “NOW I realize how hard my crew worked for me”, she thought, regretting the times that she had been so demanding and unreasonable.


She stared in to the mirror with a blank stare.  She turned left, she turned right…trying to decide on how her hair should land.  She did like the way her hair looked when she tilted her head to the left – her yellow locks looked wind-blown, with her bangs falling gently beside her eye.


“But I might get a crick in my neck if I have to hold this position all through dinner…probably NOT a good idea”, she concluded.

Suddenly her eyes lit up! “What about a partial up-do?”  She hurriedly opened the drawer and found a bunch of bobby-pins, and u-pins.  She got very busy trying to get the up-do to look JUST right.


“It does look REALLY nice…but I think it’s a little too much.  I look like a Flamenco dancer!” she sighed, starting to get a little frustrated.

“Why am I trying so hard to impress him?” she wondered.  “Wouldn’t it just be easier to be MYSELF – rather than putting  up the facade of looking and being PERFECT?”  Before she could even finish her thought, she she started removing each pin thoughtfully from her hair.  She then quickly tossed them into her dresser and brushed out her hair.  She looked in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction, “There you are…the REAL Ms. Deeva!”.  She felt so liberated!


She was now ready to meet her good friend, Elmo!


Healthy Lifestyle Triangle




If you’ve seen the original Food Pyramid (a guide to Healthy eating in relation to the basic food groups), this triangle might seem very similar.

The Healthy Lifestyle Triangle (that I drew in PowerPoint), is an interpretation of how to live a…you guessed it… “A Healthier Lifestyle”!  The wider the base of the segment, the more of that activity is recommended.

My Body, Mind and Soul – Take a “Me Day”: go to the gym, do what makes you happy and feel the stress melt away…it does a body good.  Sound selfish? Au Contraire  – You are less NEEDY once you are rejuvenated!

Family, Friends and Others – After the “Me Day”, you are so refreshed and ready to go – you have MORE to offer others.  You are able to see things from THEIR point of view and empathize with them.  In general, you exude positivity – I know – not for the weak of heart. 🙂

All Else – Once you get through the bottom two layers, the importance of this layer becomes quite apparent. Much like this layer in the Food pyramid (Fats, Oils and Sweets), it serves the purpose of Balance, but would certainly be unhealthy in large quantities.





Where did all those years go?


Ah yes, the big yellow school bus – a very familiar sight (and sound) for parents.  From Kindergarten through High School, the school bus features quite prominently in our lives.  It sees our kids grow from tiny tots to  budding young adults.

When I took this picture, I was dropping my son off at the bus stop since we were having sub-zero temperatures (in Fahrenheit) outside.  While waiting for the bus, it suddenly dawned on me that this boy was heading to High School in the Fall!  “What?  Where did the years go?”


Wasn’t it just yesterday that I heard the Doctor announce, “It’s a BOY!”  We were brand new parents…not sure if we were up for the ‘challenge’.  Were we qualified to take care of this precious little baby?  All those doubts swarmed through our heads.

The First Months

Yes, we were sleep deprived and physically drained – but I would just call those side-effects now. 🙂  The babbles, smiles,  rolling over for the first time, crawling, walking…all the milestones that just left us awestruck!

The First Years

It still amuses me how they carry their weight around at this age – waddling around in their padded diapers.  Their first words and sentences, recognizing numbers and letters, their excitement when you walk through the door after an errand. Every parent beams with pride at their child’s abilities – thinking in the back of their mind that they could be geniuses! Then there’s the humongous milestone of potty-training…life just got easier (and cheaper).

Preschool and Kindergarten

Here’s where parents definitely have more separation anxiety than the child!  It’s funny to hear the kids have conversations in their sweet, high-pitched voices. You cannot help but respond to them in the same pitch. Their openness to do anything you decide is refreshing (but you don’t realize this at the time…).

Elementary School

Introducing Swimming, Taekwondo, Piano, Soccer…hmmm are THEY over -scheduled or am I?  This is when they start moving beyond the basics in learning. Teachers who give them too much homework or discipline them are labelled “MEAN”.  They excitedly share everything that happened in school (willingly). 🙂

Middle school

An interesting transition to High school.  Adolescence kicks in and a personality starts to come through.  So witty and funny (with the occasional mood-swings to break the monotony, I guess).  The physical transformation catches you off guard – six inches taller than me and shoes that are now larger than his Dad’s.   Seeing their overall character and confidence grow through soccer games, school competitions and concerts is a special and heart-warming experience.  It brings a smile to your face when you see them learn to appreciate the beauty of road trips. Their fresh, honest and straight-forward opinions on life do sometimes challenge the adult jaded viewpoint on the same topic.

High School

I know there will be more to come to in this phase – the final leg before College.  I look forward it!  🙂

As the cliche goes, “Time flies when you are having fun!”.  The most important lesson for me (that I was very lucky to come by through certain circumstances in life) is that I need to enjoy and appreciate every day that I have with my kids, focusing on empowering them to make the right choices in life before they actually “leave the nest”. In other words “Make every moment count“.