Track and Field Training

Well, it’s “officially” Spring!  Schools have started their Track and Field season.

This made me think about the basics of Track and Field events (from a layman’s perspective) to see if any of those principles could apply to our daily lives. Continue reading


The Rendezvous – Ms Deeva and Elmo

RECAP:  Elmo and Ms Deeva met at a “Modesty Bootcamp” and struck up a friendship.  In the last episode, Ms Deeva was in her movie star dressing room, without her hair and make-up crew.  It was a daunting first-time experience for her.  After struggling through a few hair-dos, she learned that she did not have to put up pretenses just to be with a friend.  It was a breakthrough moment for her!

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Dear Daughter

A friend of mine is expecting a baby girl. What a special time! If I were writing the book “What to expect when you’re expecting”, I would warn the expectant mother that pregnancy naturally draws peoples’ attention and nurturing tendencies. This sometimes presents itself as advice and opinions that falls into two categories – useful and not-so-useful.   Continue reading

My Happy Place

I am up in the mountains 

Feeling a cool breeze

I can hear my echo

Amidst all the trees

I explore the terrain

Taking in the walk

Seeing signs of the past

Carved on the rocks

How peaceful it is

Just me and my thoughts  

My mind is much clearer  

Not tangled or caught

It’s time to return now

To the daily routine 

I needed this break

Just to renew ME!

*In my experience a ME-day is invaluable.  Be it real or imaginary! 



Looking through your eyes

You rest close to me

Arms around my neck

You can hear my heart beat

Why do a pulse check?

You bring my senses to life

I am always on alert

If I look through your eyes

Maybe I’ll see a bird?

At times things look blurry 

And sometimes they are clear

But don’t you worry

That’s why I am here

To hold you sideways 

Or prop you up

Whatever it takes 

To set you up

For when you are happy

I feel that way too

Let’s make it “snappy”

Dear Camera…its time to groove!


Midwest Charm

I have lived in the midwest for almost two decades.  Although we have harsh winters, the warmth of the people totally makes up for it!

Here’s part of our skyline with the tallest building seen in the frame of the bridge.


Some things highlighting the beauty of my home town:

  • The “down to earth” attitude of the  people is so refreshing.
  • The enthusiasm for our football team and Quarterback is commendable. 😀. Walk into Lambeau field and you are breathless and speechless.  It is overwhelming!
  • How we cheer during “sausage races” at the baseball game shows such a sense of innocence.
  • Fish fry Friday nights brings families and friends together.
  • Families go bowling for fun…a cool way to bond.  Bowling leagues are a plenty too!
  • A beautiful lake that looks like an ocean…where we can go Fishing, sailing and swimming!  The grandeur of the July 4th fireworks over the Lake…amazing!
  • Plentiful, affordable golf courses
  • A drive up to quaint Door county is gorgeous and serene.  
  • Our fancy Art museum designed by the famous Santiago Calatrava – quite a sight!


Another view of the museum (my favorite).😀


Last but NOT the least

  • A lovely environment to raise my kids!
  • A.K.