Midwest Charm

I have lived in the midwest for almost two decades.  Although we have harsh winters, the warmth of the people totally makes up for it!

Here’s part of our skyline with the tallest building seen in the frame of the bridge.


Some things highlighting the beauty of my home town:

  • The “down to earth” attitude of the  people is so refreshing.
  • The enthusiasm for our football team and Quarterback is commendable. 😀. Walk into Lambeau field and you are breathless and speechless.  It is overwhelming!
  • How we cheer during “sausage races” at the baseball game shows such a sense of innocence.
  • Fish fry Friday nights brings families and friends together.
  • Families go bowling for fun…a cool way to bond.  Bowling leagues are a plenty too!
  • A beautiful lake that looks like an ocean…where we can go Fishing, sailing and swimming!  The grandeur of the July 4th fireworks over the Lake…amazing!
  • Plentiful, affordable golf courses
  • A drive up to quaint Door county is gorgeous and serene.  
  • Our fancy Art museum designed by the famous Santiago Calatrava – quite a sight!


Another view of the museum (my favorite).😀


Last but NOT the least

  • A lovely environment to raise my kids!
  • A.K.


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