007…Licensed to eat!

I am on a mission  that I can’t disclose

Only that I’m licensed to eat MORE

While also adhering to my self-imposed

Diet restrictions to get calories galore

To build up muscles and keep me strong

And do those workouts may seem very long

Making sure I don’t go terribly wrong

When my mission and me move right along

The forecast will guide the way I dress

But weather in WI?…that’s anyone’s guess!

Week one of training was a great success

Now aches and pains are so much less!!!



*WI – Wisconsin



Leading lines


(Photo taken in Tulum,Mexico)

The path is covered with seaweed 

And sometimes by sand

But don’t be afraid to follow the leading lines 

Focus on the crashing waves

And texture under your feet

As you follow the leading lines 

Those are some big rocks to climb

And twigs to brush aside

To get to the  end of the leading lines

There will be challenges

And doubts along the way

But persist through the leading lines

You’ve finally made it to the top

And everything’s so clear from up here

All thanks to the leading lines!


What can I learn from a donut?

There was a time when I spelled the word the donut as doughnut, color as colour and spelled as spelt ( I am not referring to the ancient grain mostly found in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store). I did have some resistance to cross-over at first, but once I had kids I broke down and adopted the spelling of the land.  😀

Don’t worry, this post is not a lecture on spelling.  It is about some inspiration that I drew from a donut.

Disclaimer:  Donuts are not as healthy as vegetables or fruit.  This post assumes that the reader understands the health risks associated with over-consumption of donuts.

So back to the story at hand.  My daughter just had a birthday and asked for some home-made glazed donuts for her classroom treat. I personally don’t eat donuts now (due to dietary restrictions) but I was happy to make some for her.

When we eat donuts, all we really think about is the sweet goodness that comprises the donut.  We usually don’t say “I wish they saved the donut hole” because we get so much satisfaction from just from the donut itself.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had that approach to life as well?  Appreciate the sweet goodness within and around us and take it for what it is?  Sure, there was dough that was taken out to make the donut hole (we call it a “void” sometimes)…and it is most likely being eaten by someone else (much like a perception that you are at a loss compared to another a.k.a. self-pity)…but so what?

Does it make the donut any less sweet?  No.

Do we consume and enjoy the donut anyways?  Yes.

Do we throw it into the trash because it’s missing a piece?  No.

Do we keep complaining about the missing donut hole?  No.

I’ll stop the interrogation there.  🙂  In conclusion, the donut teaches us that we can appreciate and fully enjoy what we have instead of obsessing about what we don’t have.  It also teaches us that overindulgence can have negative effects.

This post was brought you you by the letter “O” (much like the donut hole).



Exotic Vacation package for FREE!

Sounds like a BAD infomercial doesn’t it?  With some poor actors, an attractive payment plan and some throw-ins I should be all set for my one  hour production.  😀

In any case, I actually wanted to talk about the relaxing effect of vacations…and more importantly, their short lived nature.

I just returned from a tropical vacation in Mexico.  It was wonderful! It included family time, snorkeling, swimming, sightseeing, shopping, food to mention just a few things.

It was so relaxing.  Being away from the work life, seeing beautiful scenery and landscapes, taking things at our own pace was a nice change.

You would think that this calm would last atleast a week after the vacation right?  Wrong!

It wore off by Monday afternoon…the first day after vacation!  Well, circumstances were such that meetings and other deadlines fell close together, so there was really no time to ease into the work week.

So if the primary objective of vacation is to relax and rejuvenate, then why pay so much to travel so far (other than to see new places and enjoy warmer weather) just to find that “peace”?  There are other options.  

I have found meditation to have a much longer lasting effect of “Relax and Rejuvenate “.  The best part…it doesn’t cost you a dime!!  

There are many forms of meditation…not just the stereotypical case of a sage sitting on the top of a hill in a cross-legged pose and reciting some mantra! It could be as simple as:

  • Closing your eyes and observing your breathing
  • Observing your steps as you walk to a destination (and I don’t mean using your pedometer)
  • Listening to music 
  • Sitting in a park and listening to the sounds of nature (and sometimes city life)

So when your next vacation is not around the corner, consider some of these FREE vacation-like options.

There are no toll free numbers to call either.  It’s all up to you!




Blogging is like…

Blogging is like dancing.

Your thoughts initially move around without a set choreography.

When you get the feel of the song and music, then you can organize those steps so that they flow smoothly.

This gives both the dancer (blogger) and the audience a better sense of the storyline.

Blogging is like photography.

Your thoughts are like elements in a landscape.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of “point and shoot” because everything is in place and doesn’t need extra thinking or set up.

Sometimes, the elements are there but the lighting may not be perfect.  This means that you would need to get everything in order well before the lighting is ideal.

Some planning and patience in these situations definitely paints a better picture.

Blogging is like music.

It transports you to another world.  

It opens up your world to see so many different notes, instruments and singers (blogs and bloggers).

It shows you that we can be different, and yet so similar.

Blogging is like a hot tub.

It relaxes the body, mind and soul!

Blogging is like a fairytale.

“The End”.



It’s good to be back!

Well, sort of…everything considered.

Here are some ways to convince yourself that you are happy to return from a tropical vacation:

  1. Hmmm…it was getting too hot anyway! 
  2. I have better wifi at home.
  3. I miss wearing my fleece jacket.
  4. How many guavas and mangoes can I eat anyway?
  5. The ocean is too salty.
  6. The humidity does a number on my hair.
  7. Who needs snorkeling when you can go to an aquarium?!
  8. I prefer canned coconut water.
  9. Ah…the comfort of my OWN bed!!!