10 Grand!

I am doing and imaginary ‘dance of joy’ right now!  Why?  Because I overcame my self doubt and ran 6.25 miles today a.k.a. 10K!  which means that I am about halfway to the Half marathon goal!! 😀
I had no idea that I could last that long.

I did have to mentally prepare myself for the run from yesterday onwards. I guess it was the ‘fear of failure’ that was making me a little apprehensive about it.

I just had the remind myself of a few things:

  • Listen to my body and don’t force anything 
  • Focus on endurance rather than pace 
  • Enjoy myself

I think those reminders helped me to relax.  I set my expectations pretty low for overall pace and I ran at a very comfortable pace. It was the first time that I took the time to soak in the scenery while running.  It was somewhat meditative.  It put my mind at ease.

  • There were new colorful flowers in bloom that were pleasing to the eye.  
  • I could hear a river flowing beside the trail with wooden bridges going across.
  • There was some farm land being prepped for planting season.  A tractor had left behind the signs of  its ploughing expertise.
  • There were runners and bikers. Most of them offered a generous smile of acknowledgment.
  • All dogs were on a leash…I love it when people follow park rules!

The added bonus today was that I accessorized.  

  • An arm sleeve for my phone (the source of my music and fitness tracking).
  • Earphones that stayed in place when I was running…woohoo!
  • A water bottle holder

What a difference those accessories made.  They helped me stay focused on the run itself.

So how did I do?

Not too bad (by my standards).  I was able to run at a faster pace over the last 1.25 miles!

The journey shall continue…



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