Every sculpture needed moulding

Beautiful pottery starts with a blob of clay.

Intricate Ice sculptures starts with a slab of ice.

The structures of the city of Petra began as mountains of sandstone.

In all of the cases stated above, there is a beginning, a vision and a final product.  Between the vision and the final product, there are small and calculated steps that the artist takes in order to get to the end state.

They can plan their moves to the most granular level but until they start chipping away they will not know what exactly they can expect.  As they move along, they may need to veer from the course that they set in order to maintain the integrity of the final product.  The end product may differ from their original vision, but it definitely would be of a higher quality.

This is the same principle I am trying to apply during my half marathon training.

Being that I was always active and athletic, I thought it would not be a terribly difficult task.  My only goal, initially, was to finish…period.

About a month into training, I have a better understanding of the time and training needs, how the body responds to the exercise and how it adapts to the increasing mileage per week.

It is not easy!  I have seen an improvement over the month…slowy, but surely.  I hope to still improve my pace to get it closer to a 10 minute mile…but I have to remind myself that patience and persistence are key…this is probably my biggest lesson.  My goal  is still to finish…but not to crawl across the finish line in the nick of time.  So an additional goal is to improve my pace…to the extent possible. 😀

I can celebrate a small win this weekend.  I “chipped away” three minutes off my 10K run.  When I was running, I actually felt as though I was running slow…so I guess that’s a sign that I am getting stronger.  I keep getting this image of me looking like Lou Ferrigno (the original TV Hulk) with the bulging quads and the tattered pants…but of course I probably weigh more than a hundred pounds less than him! 😀. 


No 13 minute miles and enough energy to speed it up over the last 1.25 miles….yeah!!  Chip #1 was a success!

The sculpture, I mean, the journey continues!



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