Too much to do…too little time

Isn’t that the truth?   (Sigh!)

This is the story of many peoples’ lives.  I will share examples in mine and conclude with a potential solution.

The general itinerary:

  • Cooking (I actually enjoy this…when I don’t have 537 other things to do.  Custom orders can also diminish enthusiasm in this area.)
  • Daily cleaning (having a dishwasher is great…if only the dishes could find their way into and out of it!)
  • Spring cleaning (This takes me a duration of two weeks because I have some rats, I mean, pack rats in the house.   Where’s a cat when you need one? 😀)
  • Laundry (Goodness, I can’t keep up with this.  It was so much easier when the kids’ clothes were super tiny…and I could tell the difference between the adult and kids’ clothes.)
  • Play the role of Mom (Now this deserves a WHOLE post.  For now I’ll say – 24 x 7. Some of itis physical effort and most of it is mental effort e.g. being the primary Calendar app for their activities!)
  • Spend some quality time with the spouse (this would also deserve a WHOLE blog post)
  • Work (40 hours a week.  Some weeks are more demanding than others which translates to the energy left for home duties)
  • Exercise (the benefit of my half marathon training schedule is that I am doing this 3 to 5 times a week.  It is probably doing my health a whole lot of good so I can’t eliminate it totally)
  • Blogging (recently cut down from a daily cadence to twice a week 😔. This is my creative and social outlet.  I usually turn here for interesting reading material.)
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends.  
  • Miscellaneous

The solution:


We can’t get to everything and everyone all the time.  If we don’t, we often feel like we’ve failed.  

When we succeed, we are probably killing ourselves (or our peace of mind) to do it – but hey, atleast we’ve checked off everything on the list right?  The real question is, “At what cost?“.  What are YOU left with at the end of the day?  If it was worth the price, great…if not…hmmmm.

I leave you (and me) with that million dollar question.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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