Mr Ego and Mr Insecure walk into a bar…

They scope out the scene and then finally find a comfortable spot to sit.

Mr Ego:  I am here to meet a lady

Mr Insecure:  Me too, I guess

Mr Ego:  You guess?

Mr Insecure:  Yeah…I am not sure if she will like me.

Mr Ego:  So what if she doesn’t?

Mr Insecure:  Oh…I guess I never thought about that.

Mr Ego:  You have to act like you are the one with the upper hand.  That way, even if she rejects you, atleast she wouldn’t know how affected you are by her rejection.

Mr Insecure:  Woah, that’s pretty deep!     How did you figure out this strategy?

Mr Ego:  Experience my friend, experience!

Mr Insecure:  So you’ve had to face rejection?

Mr Ego: Yep.  Now I do the rejecting before they can!

Mr Insecure:  Interesting.

Pretty lady approaches…

Pretty lady:  Hello

Mr Ego and Mr Insecure:  Hello!

Lady:  How are you?

Mr Insecure:  uh…

Mr Ego:  Great!  How about you?

Lady: Doing just fine.  So what brings you here?

Mr Insecure:  umm…

Mr Ego:  Oh just needed to chill. It’s usually interesting to watch the bar scene. People make such fools of themselves!

Mr Insecure:  (Thinking to himself) Woah, this guy is so confident.

Lady:  Oh…okay (looking a little weary)

Lady:  Oh my…look at the time….

Mr Insecure:  (Thinking to himself)  Oh no, is she leaving already?

Mr Ego:  Yes…you may want to get going before my date shows up. 

Lady:  (Glares at Mr Ego and walks off)

Mr Insecure:  (Feeling a little uncomfortable from the exchange)

Mr Ego:  (Feeling a little uncomfortable from the exchange)

They decide to leave the bar.

Mr Ego tries to settle the tab with his credit card.  The name on the credit card is “Insecure Ego”!

(Suspenseful music plays)

BIG reveal…

Mr Ego and Mr Insecure are the same exact person!  Mr Insecure was hiding behind his made up overconfident personality of Mr Ego.  Why?

  • To protect himself from rejection
  • To hide his low self esteem 
  • To act as though he was totally content in life 

So, the next time you spot a Mr Ego…look closely at him and you might catch a glimpse of the more genuine Mr Insecure.




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