Blame it on the Hemp

A friend of mine has been running marathons for over twenty years now. I guess that is a slight understatement – he has been winning trophies at marathons for over twenty years.

Here is just a small subset of his trophies:  It was during conversations with him that I was inspired to train for a half marathon.

We were at lunch the other day when I mentioned that I follow a vegan (plant based) diet.  I proceeded to tell him about some of the ways I was getting the additional protein.  I said, “I make a protein shake with pea protein powder and hemp protein powder”.

He paused for a few seconds and then asked, “Did you say HEMP??!…isn’t that where Marijuana comes from?”

The ignorant me just looked at him and said “REALLY??”  Then he remarked, “That explains why you’ve been doing so well on your runs.  “Yeah, I guess I have been getting more than just a runner’s high”, I replied jokingly .  

“Do you get the munchies?”, he asked, as if to diagnose my ‘problem’.  “I sure do…especially after a run”, I replied.  We both laughed!

Then, curiosity about Hemp got the better of us. We both broke out our phones.  He asked Google and I asked Siri.

The verdict???

I am happy to say that I am as clean as ever. 😀

Hemp protein powder is made from Hemp seeds which does not contain the drug. Phew!

Needless to say that I still get teased for being ‘on Hemp’.



Fear of the unknown

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach.  I was scheduled for my first 5 mile run with a running group. 

I kept imagining myself crawling across the ‘finish line’ with my tongue hanging out from thirst and saying in the style of daffy duck (for those of you who’ve watched ‘loony tunes’) ,”waaater…waaaater”.  I would then cross the ‘finish line’ and end up sprawled across the ground out of total exhaustion. Not a pretty sight for sure!

Much to my delight, I escaped this type of embarrassing scenario.  😀

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful location and I successfully completed the run in a decent (by my standards) amount of time.  I averaged about 12:45 per mile (😀).  We all have to start somewhere right?

The lake view was definitely an added bonus!


I have to say, I am glad that I don’t have to do 5 miles for another week!  A challenge a week is certainly good enough.  😀


It’s the journey…

…not the destination!  

I guess this statement is applicable to many situations in life.  Spirituality, careers, roadtrips and any task at hand.  

We sometimes worry about the end state and forget to enjoy the little successes or milestones that we experience along the way.

Truthfully, we may not always reach the goal that we originally laid out for ourselves. That is why it is even more important to acknowledge the intermediary steps taken to reach that goal.  This way, if the goal does drift away, we are not as disappointed because we would have had so many celebrations up until that point!  This allows us to quickly shift gears and retry or find a new destination. 😀

So here’s my very early celebration (professional runners, please don’t laugh!)… 

(Pausing to let you recover from your laughter…) Ready?  Okay.

One mile in 10 minutes and 28 seconds.  An improvement by three minutes (within a week and a half)!  

I am comfortably running 4 miles now compared to day one when even 2.5 miles seemed like a challenge. My son was actually able to keep up with me by just walking!

The journey shall continue.  Let’s see what lies ahead. 😀