The Smokies

If you have never visited the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, here is just a peek into what you may see.  The sights and activities made our road trip (starting from Wisconsin) totally worth it!

Deer in the grass

Majestic Horse at Cades Cove

Classic scene

Wild Turkey   

Waterfalls in the Caverns    

Large amounts of flowing water in the Tuckaleechee Caverns.  What a spacious cave!

The Smokies!

A cable car ride for a great aerial view of the mountains.

Fly fishing rivers

 Grotto falls.  
Oh my…a fresh paw print…of a BEAR!

Pretty flowers on the trails.  Watch out for those bees!

The Gatlinburg trolley for your convenience

An underwater view of a sawtoothed shark!!

The Ripley’s Aquarium…with unique specimens of sea life

Other fun activities included hiking,  ziplining, fly fishing, white water rafting, mini golf, bumper cars and so much more.

All in all it was a relaxing and entertaining vacation.  The best part was that I got to break out the camera.   There were definitely a lot of test subjects to practice the art of photography! 




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