From Start to Finish

I finally get to conclude the Half marathon training section of my blog.  šŸ˜€

It was a very educational journey.  I learned a lot about myself. It made me stonger…both physically and mentally.  It tested my level of determination. It made me believe in myself. 

The few days leading into the Brewers Race day, life threw a slight curveball (no pun intended) my way.  One of my kids generously brought home a cold virus from school.  šŸ˜€ Unfortunately, I fell victim to it.  I felt stuffy and miserable for two days.  With only one day left before Race day, it was time to take matters into my hands!  

I used all the home remedies possible to beat the cold:

  • Fresh fruit juice loaded with Vitamin C
  • Lots of Ginger Green tea
  • Black pepper concoction 
  • Turmeric 
  • Eucalyptus steam treatment 

Luckily, the strategy paid off!

When I woke up on Race day I didn’t feel quite as miserable but I knew I would have to be extra cautious and pace myself. 

The nerves prior to start time was probably the worst of it.  This was the first time in my life that I was talking to myself saying,”You can do this!”  I said these words many times on the route.  Along with Imagine Dragons, U2, those words got me through!

When I was approaching Mile 12, I knew that I would see my family soon and my pace for that mile went up by one and a half minutes!  I knew the end was near…I was going to make it!

The smiles from my family and the hugs and praises were actually more rewarding than the physical act of crossing the Finish line. šŸ˜€

It was a good day!



The Fall seasonĀ 

Cooler temperatures

Pumpkins and other gourds

Show the arrival of the Fall season 

 The yellow and red 

and orange leaves

Are the highlight of the Fall season


The bare trees from fallen leaves

The costumes and times of ‘Trick or Treat!’ 

Are all a signature of the Fall season!



I felt like Aaron Rodgers’ mom!

I wanted to share a short story about what happened at my son’s soccer game.

It was the first soccer game of he season that I could attend.  My son had been a little disappointed that he had to sit out during the first few games of the season.  But it seemed that the new coach was starting to understand his strengths and skills.

The coach did put my son in this game, in his defensive position (left back).  The game progressed and I saw my son in action. He seemed to be doing his job well. šŸ˜€

During the second half, the coach swapped him out for a taller defender to match the opponent.  The team was still doing well although it seemed as though the opposing team  was getting more chances to come up to the goal.  Then, I heard a dad sitting next to me comment “Oh…Number 15 is out!” meaning that the defense was slightly weaker.

I smiled ever so slightly but I was BEAMING with pride on the inside.  My son was being referred to by his uniform number!  At that moment, I felt like Aaron Rodgers’ mom. šŸ˜€

I shared this feeling with my son on the car ride back adding “But I am your mom!”.  His reaction was classic!  He said, “Mom…” he shook his head and smiled.

Can you blame me though?