A century of posts (featuring Ms. Deeva)

This is my 100th blog post! 

Since I started this blog because of Ms. Deeva, I thought I should dedicate the 100th post to her.

I met up with Ms. Deeva today.  This is how the interaction went:

Me: Hi Ms. Deeva!

Ms Deeva: Hi!  

Me:  Guess what?

Ms. Deeva: Wait, wait…don’t tell me!

Ms Deeva: After a fraction of a second…Ok, I can’t stand it any longer.  Just tell me!!!  What is it?!

Me: I have decided to dedicate my 100th post to you! 

 Ms Deeva:  Oh my goodness…I am so honored.  Thank you!

Me:  You are welcome.  Thanks for, so far, letting me share the story of your transformation…and of course…falling in love with Elmo.

Her eyes light up on the mention of Elmo.

  Ms Deeva:  Oh…yeah…blushing. My pleasure.

Me:  So, I am thinking of adding a new character to my blog.  Her name is Usa Doll.  She’s right over there…  

Ms Deeva: Uh…  

Ms Deeva: Why do her eyes look so lifeless?? A little creepy if you ask me…


After giving it a second thought

Ms Deeva: But everyone deserves a chance.

Me: Glad to hear you say that Ms Deeva.  I am proud of you!  You are becoming a new person.  I am looking forward to doing more blogs about you.  Until then…Take care and see you soon!

Ms Deeva skipped off to find Elmo.

Usa Doll just sat there. I bade her good bye.  She continued to just sit there.  I figured she was probably just in a meditative state.  “Lucky her”, I thought to myself as I drove back home.

Thanks to all my readers for your encouraging words. 



It’s a beautiful day

In the voice of Bono from U2, “Don’t let it slip away…”

I guess my interpretation of Bono’s words would be that the good moments should be acknowledged (in your head) before that momentary joy passes.

Sometimes we hang on to those moments as a way of defining who we are…but in reality it is nothing more than a moment in our life.  Who we are is defined by what we do every day.  Some days, we will miss the mark but we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves if we have the intent to reel ourselves back in. Some days, we will exceed our own expectations of ourselves but that doesn’t mean we have graduated to sainthood…we are just taking a step in the right direction.  Staying grounded is key.

So why was it a beautiful day?

  • I finally had a chance to go on a Nature walk and take some Fall photos.

  I finally met the goal my son set for me when I was training for a half marathon i.e. A sub-10 minute mile!!! I never thought I could do this.

I enjoyed every bite of my lunch…Ethiopian food. Hits the spot for sure!

It filled me with joy. It filled me with happiness.  It was a beautiful day.


It’s too late to apologize

I love this song by One Republic (not to be confused with One Direction 😀).  

Up until a year ago, I had only heard the ‘Timbaland’ version, which is quite a catchy remix.  When I heard the original, I found it very pleasing.  The presence of the strings are more dominant and definitely evoke some emotion.  Then, there is Ryan Tedder’s singing. ‘The man has got range!’  Of course, I had to listen to it over and over and over again.

In that process, I started to pay a little more attention to the lyrics.  As most ‘You broke my heart’ type of songs go…there is always a note of resentment attached (pun intended).  It made me wonder…is there a statute of limitations for apologies??

  1. If your friend messes up, but regrets their mistake…when does it become too late to apologize?
  2. If you let your emotions get the better of you…is it ever too late to apologize?
  3. If you are mean to another because they were the same to you…does that imply that it’s way too late to apologize?

The simple answer is “No”.  Only your ego prevents you from apologizing.  Only your ego prevents you from accepting an apology. 

It’s exactly the same feeling when you are hanging from a horizontal bar (for the sake of analogy) and you are trying to hold on for the longest time. Despite the pain in your arms, you keep holding on and making yourself experience more and more pain.  Then your body finally gives in and you ‘Let go’.  What a relief!  Life is good!
If we let go, sooner that later, we make life better for ourselves!

Remember, the only situation where it too late to apologize is when either you or the other have passed on. Then, it is really too late.

So let go of the high bar and enjoy life!


An act of love

What is love??

The song by Haddaway plays…

(Visualize the Saturday Night Live interpretation of this song…😀)

After a very productive day at a work, I rushed home to chauffeur my daughter to her soccer practice.  Yes, I live quite the life! 😀

I took some time just to clear my mind by going for a peaceful walk.  Not only did that clear my mind, but it energized me to start preparations for dinner…chicken curry.  I am a herbivore but the rest of my family are carnivores. 😀. I was almost done with the prep for dinner when I had to go and pick my daughter up.  

When I got back home, I found that my husband had neatly cut up the chicken for me…unsolicited!  “How sweet!”, I thought to myself.  It’s the small and unexpected acts of kindness that can renew the love in a relationship (especially if you have been married for almost 20 years)!

When I saw him, I gave him a BIG hug and thanked him for his thoughtfulness.  Don’t get me wrong…he does a lot of nice things for me, but the surprise moments are extra special!
So what was my act of kindness back to him? Let’s just say that I really buy into he old adage that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Chicken curry   
Coriander crusted potatoes

To conclude, I would say that “love” comes in many shapes, forms, sizes and spices…we just have to recognize it! 😀