With or without you?

In a few of months

We’ll have to part ways

You’ve given me comfort 

On many brutal days

I am not very sure 

Of our next rendezvous 

Not that I don’t love you

But it shouldn’t be too soon

Athough we were a fit

I often needed space

Taking a break from you

Until we’d go some place

I will say this though

You weren’t one of a kind

But I picked you out of many

So am I out of my mind

When I say I can’t wait

To change up the rote

And finally shed you off

My dear winter coat!




Capture the moment…but do not dwell in it!

I enjoy photography.  When my kids were younger, I did not have time the time to take photos of them or anything else. Back then, the concept of a phone camera did not exist. Pulling out the big clunky film-based camera felt unnatural for the day-to-day situations.  

What a difference 10 years can make!  We now have phone cameras and I would in fact pull out my ‘real’ camera to capture home moments. 😀

My main problem was that I never savored the moments.  It was all about , “What’s next?”.  I was so caught up in being ‘Mom’ and tending to their needs that I didn’t realize that I never paused to soak in that moment.  

Luckily, my husband did capture videos and photos of the kids. One day, while he was backing up some photos, he showed me a cute video of my daughter.  In the video she was about 2 years old.  She was saying, “Mommy, dance” while she trotted like a little horse.  She was so cute!  She repeated this a few times”.  My only response to her was, “Nice dance”.  

What really got my attention was the fact that I seemed so disengaged.  It wouldn’t take much to get me to dance with her now. 😀.  Was I just tired?  Was I annoyed that my husband was taking videos?  Was I just worried about what to make for dinner?  It was very strange to me.  Sometimes looking at yourself through a different lens can be quite revealing!

It had only been about 2 years since that video was shot when I saw it.  I decided to make a few changes from that point on.  I insisted on taking more photos and videos of the kids.  Once those moments pass, we forget about quite a few of them.  It is always nice to revisit those times through videos and photos. They show how we all grow and age with the passing of time.

There is one trap of which we should be aware.  Memories (captured on “film”) are simply a moment in time.  They have passed.  They cannot be forever.  

  • Kids grow up.  We can’t wish that they always remain babies or toddlers.  
  • Vacations are short lived.  We can’t stay away forever.
  • We get old.  We can’t be 29 forever. 😀
  • Friends come and go.  Life is not static.

Photos remind us of things that were.  They usually bring a smile to our face.  But we have to eventually close the old “Photo Album” so that we can set up the new Photo Album.  

The best part is that capturing a moment makes us “Live in the moment” 100%…before it passes!


With power comes responsibility…

This is a famous line from “The Spiderman”.

I drew inspiration from that line to write this post.

With power comes responsibility,

With responsibilty comes stress

With stress comes malaise

With malaise comes unhappiness

With unhappiness comes despair!

What is the price we pay for gaining power?  More importantly, are we willing to live with those consequences?


If we were more like our animal friends…

I have a confession to make.

“I am a documentary junkie!”

I haven’t always been into these knowledge packed nuggets, but as I grew older and tv show standards started declining sharply, I craved more intellectual material. I can honestly watch marathons of these shows!

It is truly amazing how much you can learn from such nature and science shows.  It really gives you a perspective that you probably would never have considered.  Truly eye opening!

I recently finished a series on “Nature”(PBS) called ‘Natural Born Hustlers’.  It really made me realize how smart and cunning these animals, big or small, truly are.  When I saw how deceitful  they could be when they wanted their way with the girls, I realized that these animals are not as innocent and helpless (atleast amongst their own species) as we make them out to be.  I joked with my husband, “Hmmm…these shows are starting to make these animals seem not-so-cute!”

Obviously when you DVR a variety of nature shows, some themes come to light.  No matter what species, they follow eerily similar patterns when it comes to furthering their lineage and existence.  But humans seem to follow a different path (well duh…right?).  

But I wonder if we would have grown to be a ‘stronger’ species if we had followed protocols similar to our animal friends. 

Disclaimer: The content of this post is meant to be tongue in cheek and humorous. 😀

  1. Females choose the strongest male after some crazy goring fights! –  If we did this, each generation would be guaranteed to get stronger and smarter.  Admit it, don’t you ever find yourself in a situation where you say, “This is a case of Charles Darwin’s theory gone gravely wrong!”
  2. Life is not weighed down by emotions – Although some studies imply that animals do experience emotions, we take emotions to a whole other level.  So much so, that it gets in the way of us making good decisions in life. It gets in the way of a plain and simple ‘Happy’ life..  Blame it on that pesky concept of ‘Attachment’!
  3. Understand the elements and adapt – We don’t always have to be on the lookout for predators.  We don’t always have to worry about the availability of food or the lack thereof.  Animals know this is part of life and roll with the punches.  Yet we worry about the most trivial things sometimes…we miss the fact that we are alive. I know that is oversimplified, but maybe it’s a good approach to life.  Be thankful for every sunrise or sunset that you are blessed enough to witness!
  4. Creativity and evolution – they may have small brains but they use them to the fullest, therefore giving each new generation an advantage.  Can we say the same for ourselves? Hmmm…

The next time I see a bird, deer or lizard I will look at them with a lot more respect. It is a crazy world out there and, if they survive, it is an indication of their  smarts!