Life is like a mirror…

Life is like a mirror…

We need to clean it regularly to prevent distorted views.

Life is like a mirror…

We can identify the problem areas by reflecting within.

Life is like a mirror…

Our self awareness helps us make the right choices.

Life is like a mirror…

Our actions determine what is reflected back!



Fear of missing out (F.O.M.O.)

FOMO comes in many forms.  It could be related to:

  • Information 
  • Opportunities 
  • Being a part of something

Back in the day, people overcame the fear of missing out by coming together and talking as a community…the original form of social media.

The community did a lot of good things:

  • Recognized people that contributed
  • Helped people in need
  • Worked together to achieve
  • Provided moral support for their members

Much like social media, community also created problems like:

  • Disagreements
  • Gossip
  • Disassociation

It is the same driver that makes us want to join a (non-virtual) community that makes us become a part of a socia media outlet…that is FOMO!

Let’s take Facebook, for example:

  • We see photos of our friends and families
  • We hear of their achievements
  • They share events with us
  • We are more connected with our friends

These things are probably what motivate us to check our Facebook accounts everyday.  It gets to a point where you want to make sure you stay on top of everything.  Unfortunately that sometimes includes unnecessary information from your friends’ friends…whether you like it or not (pun not intended)!

You feel so connected with this virtual network that you want to share everything; what you did, where you are, what you ate and the list goes on.  Nothing wrong with any of that of course, but when it starts feeling more like a mental burden, then it’s definitely time to reconsider.  

This is what I realized when I was on vacation a few months ago.  No data, no wifi, no mind clutter a.k.a TMI (too much information). When you see that you are receiving TMI, it also makes you understand that perhaps you have been giving out TMI!

I made a conscious decision to overcome my FOMO (because I questioned whether in fact I was missing out on anything of value) and decided to eliminate the TMI factor from both directions.  Since then, it has been very peaceful from that standpoint.  

I have also realized that my true friends reach out to me outside of Facebook. I can safely say that I have decluttered both virtually and in my personal relationships.  It is a good, fresh start to life!

I complete this blog with the confidence that it is not TMI.