An Inspiring Life Anthem

I was listening closely to the song ” Greatest” by Sia and I suddenly realized that it had such an inspiring message.  I could apply it to both my family life and my athletic life.
Here are the lyrics that specifically caught my attention:

Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I

Oh, I, I got stamina

Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes

Well, oh, I got stamina

And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb

But I, I, I got stamina

Don’t give up, I won’t give up

Don’t give up, no no no

Don’t give up, I won’t give up

Don’t give up, no no no

We all have days or moments where we feel overwhelmed or where we think that we have nothing left to give.  We have to remind ourselves that we are stronger than what we might believe.  

Our mind has a tendency to put doubt in our own abilities and strength.  Perhaps it is about being in our comfort-zone.  It is so much easier to say “I can’t” than to actually make the effort to overcome.  That is the worst thing that one can say to themselves.  It literally puts you in a rut!

When I started training for a triathlon, I had so much self-doubt.  Starting these adventures after 40? What was I thinking?!  Luckily I opted to work with a personal trainer.  He caught on to my self-doubt quite fast.  Whenever I felt as thought so could not do anymore, his mantra was “This limit is just in your mind .  You need to get past that mental barrier”.  He was right!  He has proved to me that I am capable of way more than I could have even imagined in my adult-onset athletic life! 

That belief in myself has definitely carried over into my regular (non athletic) life as well. It is about staying strong and believing in yourself even against the odds.  There will be failures, yes.  But those are just like mountains…tell yourself , “I’ve got Stamina” and keep going.  If you feeing like as though you’re running out of breath say, “I’ve got stamina…don’t give up don’t give up…no, no, no”. ūüėÄ. That gets  you out of “victim” mode instantly!

You will also realize that that ” Stamina” is both physical and, more importantly, mental.  The more you train yourself to believe, the better you will get at progressing yourself through the journey of life…obstacles and all.  Self doubt will naturally subside and you will gain the strength and the focus to pursue your ultimate goal (whether that be a triathlon or merely being a happy soul)!

So don’t give up, don’t give up don’t give up no, no, no.



It’s too late to apologize

I love this song by One Republic (not to be confused with One Direction ūüėÄ).  

Up until a year ago, I had only heard the ‘Timbaland’ version, which is quite a catchy remix.  When I heard the original, I found it very pleasing.  The presence of the strings are more dominant and definitely evoke some emotion.  Then, there is Ryan Tedder’s singing. ‘The man has got range!’  Of course, I had to listen to it over and over and over again.

In that process, I started to pay a little more attention to the lyrics.  As most ‘You broke my heart’ type of songs go…there is always a note of resentment attached (pun intended).  It made me wonder…is there a statute of limitations for apologies??

  1. If your friend messes up, but regrets their mistake…when does it become too late to apologize?
  2. If you let your emotions get the better of you…is it ever too late to apologize?
  3. If you are mean to another because they were the same to you…does that imply that it’s way too late to apologize?

The simple answer is “No”.  Only your ego prevents you from apologizing.  Only your ego prevents you from accepting an apology. 

It’s exactly the same feeling when you are hanging from a horizontal bar (for the sake of analogy) and you are trying to hold on for the longest time. Despite the pain in your arms, you keep holding on and making yourself experience more and more pain.  Then your body finally gives in and you ‘Let go’.  What a relief!  Life is good!
If we let go, sooner that later, we make life better for ourselves!

Remember, the only situation where it too late to apologize is when either you or the other have passed on. Then, it is really too late.

So let go of the high bar and enjoy life!



It was a beautiful day today.

I had such a pleasing drive into work. ¬†A glorious sunrise was happening in front of my eyes. ¬†The glowing orange of the sun, peeking through bands of purple clouds, ¬†The blue sky was brushed with pink clouds and¬†groups of birds were flying in the forefront. ¬†What a sight!¬†Just knowing that the high today was 66 degrees (fahrenheit) made it an exciting Friday for most. ¬†Everyone planned an early exit from work to get some sun¬†and¬†enjoy the¬†warmth. ¬†I eagerly¬†pulled out my bike when¬†I got home. ¬†It had collected about six¬†months worth of dust due to the extended winter. ¬†ūüôā¬† Continue reading