Marriage is akin to a mountain

The older I get, the more I realize that I have always been more of a realist.  

While growing up, there was so much talk about soul mates, perfect mates or love at first sight.  I somehow never really thought that made sense.  Personally, I felt that such labels set most relationships up for disappointment and failure. 

If you are in a relationship that is perfect, consider yourself one of the lucky few!

I wanted to use my experiences, and those of others I’ve seen, to make an analogy with nature…specifically mountains and rock formations.


Marriage is like a mountain

That can be eroded by rains

But this merely symbolizes a new phase

Adjustments are made to avoid further deterioration

Marriage is like a mountain

That can develop cracks due to wind and water

But if we take a closer look at these weak spots

They provide us a window into where the true strenghs lie

Marriage is akin to a mountain

Strong shifts in the earth can either cause destruction

Or can result in the mountain standing taller

This all depends on the amount of support around

Marriage is akin to a mountain

Every layer represents a phase with lessons

With time, it grows taller and stronger

And also becomes home for other living beings


Marriage teaches each of us to be better people.  It makes us a little less selfish.  It provides us a opportunity for self growth, self reflection and selflessness.

That being said…it takes an effort, from both parties involved, to maintain a state of equilibrium.  Goodness doesn’t always come easy right?