Costa Rica – The Wild Edition.

Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and a variety of tropical fruit. These aspects in themselves make Costa Rica a great destination stop.

In addition, the diversity of wildlife is not only impressive but unbelievable!

Starting with insects – Butterflies

Such bright colors and designs!

Not completely captured but worth a mention were the innumerable types of insects and bugs…an entomologist heaven!


The king fisher.  Beautiful colors and a signature beak.

Tiger heron…with its feathers resembling the stripes of, yes, a tiger!

A humming bird at rest.

Pelicans waiting next to the fishing charter boat…hoping for some scraps.

The yellow chested bird that woke us up every morning with its musical calls.


Better on a tree than anywhere close to me!


In addition to the house lizards (cringe), there are other lizards of different shapes and sizes.


Lizard with spines (resembles a Spinosaur)



We saw sloths but they were so camouflaged in the trees that they were hard to capture.

White faced capuchin monkeys.  These were so cute and their behavior closely resembled that of humans.

Baby hitching a ride on mom!

Pondering his next move!

Deer – White tailed

Deer roam free back in Wisconsin, but it is still interesting to see how the species adapts to different environmental settings.


We were fortunate enough to see a few poison dart frogs (but could not quite get a photo).  Some were black with bright yellow spots. Others had neon green spots.  They were so small and jumped around like a little cricket.

Interesting fact – The poison they use to deter predators is sourced from a plant that they eat (it is not generated internally).

This little frog hopped into our house…yikes!  My husband was quick to grab the camera.  I would have just ran the other way…or stood on a table! 😀


We saw turtles on our mangrove tour.


“There are plenty of fish in the sea” but my son and husband were able to capture (and release) a barracuda!

There is something special about seeing animals in their natural setting.  It is impressive, educational and just fascinating!!



Pleasant Surprises 

I dragged myself out of bed this morning with a lot of mental effort.  I knew I had to finish my 6 mile run in the morning since I have a pretty low tolerance to hot weather. Incidentally I am still trying to understand why I set such challenging fitness goals for myself…but I am not ready to quit just yet…I guess.  It was going to be a whopping 84 degrees.  Can you tell that I am acclimated to long, cold Wisconsin winters?!

I continued to drag along, got dressed, drank my vegan protein shake (Mmmmm sounds delicious doesn’t it? 😀) and headed out the door to my favorite trail.

Surprise #1 – A beautiful orange Sun

Based on the local weatherman’s story, the orange sun was as a result of the smoke from the forest fires in Canada.  So it would seem somewhat comparable to how the lower frequency colors (orange, yellow, red) come through at sunset.  That is my very layman explanation (and totally out of my comfort zone).

Surprise #2 – Deer on the trail

 I can be a daredevil but when it comes to wildlife, I am a total wimp!  I almost turned back to go home when I saw the deer because they seemed to be staring directly at me!  Luckily, a cyclist pulled up next to me which made me feel a little more secure.  I figured, I could always hide behind him if anything were to happen…😀

Surprise #3 – A snapping turtle 


This was a rare sight for sure!  I kept a respectful distance to avoid making him SNAP! 😀

In the end, it was not a bad day for a run.  I did pause to take the photos, but it was certainly worth it!